Digital Economy Bill

Bridget is campaigning against the worst provisions of Labour’s Digital Economy Act, particularly those measures that threaten free access to the internet.

LibDem Candidates letter
Commentary by Islington blogger RevPriest.

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, March 2010: Bridget’s emergency motion
Bridget’s speech in the Liberal Democrat conference debate.
Open Rights Group response.

Podcast: House of Comments (17 March 2010)
Podcast: Pod Delusion (19 March 2010)

Guardian letter: Debate needed on digital economy bill 23 March

Bridget spoke at the Stop Disconnection rally organised by the Open Rights Group on 24 March 2010
Open Rights Group video
ZDNet: Protestors take copyright bill fears to Parliament
Digital Economy Bill protest rally:video by Daniel Cordero
SC Magazine: Open Rights Group demonstrates against the Digital Economy Bill

LibDemVoice articles:
Save the Net emergency motion submitted 10 March 2010
Two cheers for the LibDem team 26 March 2010

Save the Whittington

Bridget campaigned with local people, asking the Labour Government to ‘turn again’ on NHS reorganisation plans that are put the Whittington Hospital’s A&E department at risk.

Bridget says: “I am totally opposed to any plans to downgrade the Whittington. Anyone who knows Islington should also know this is a bad decision. It takes too long to get to Hampstead. Accidents and emergencies happen 24 hours a day and we need a 24 hour casualty unit. Plus Islington’s population is growing. It’s madness to think of closing our local A&E now.”

Hospital ‘race’ proves Whittington A&E is the closest option (6 February 2010)

Norman Lamb MP supports the Whittington campaign (9 February 2010)

Article for Chinese EU Journal: Access to health services (14 February 2010)

Presenting Save the Whittington petitions at Downing Street (22 February 2010)

Save the Whittington march (27 February 2010)

Islington Gazette: Whittington march was a truly moving experience (3 March 2010)

Other campaigns

Bridget led the successful campaign to Save Essex Road Post Office and for a safer Angel crossing.

Bridget has also campaigned for fairer fuel bills; and for fairness on women’s pensions, and against the closure of Goswell Road Post Office.

Bridget is backing the campaigns to freeze Islington’s Council tax and to defend the Freedom Pass.


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