We’re backing Bridget

“Used as I was to having an MP who never responded to constituent contact and candidates who were nigh-on invisible, moving to Islington has been a revelation. We now have Bridget Fox campaigning to represent us in the most heartfelt and public way. She has impressed all round and I will gladly be adding my vote to the many others on May 6.”
Lyssa Barber, Canonbury N1

“If she fails to unseat Labour at this election it clearly won’t be for lack of campaigning effort. A mixture of her hard word, local party activity and the national move away from the government make this one of the Lib Dems’ top target seats in the whole country.” James Lundie, Edelman Public Affairs

“I know you have done plenty more for our community and know that if you are put in power you will do much more great things to help the people of our community.”
Toyris Miah, Essex Road N1

“I back Bridget because she truly cares about Islington.”
Usman Wahid, St Peter’s Street N1

“Thank you for your very positive replies to my emails regarding human rights issues and the asylum election pledge. I will be happy to vote for you, and hope to look forward to your support in Parliament on these important issues”
Gordon Bennett, Noel Road N1

“I think Bridget will make a good constituency MP. She is on the left of her party and has shown that she can influence policy on issues which matter to me. Further, she has also shown that she listens to people’s concerns and translates that into action – I have every expectation she will continue to do this.”
Dean Whitbread, Liverpool Road N7

“Good luck for next week Bridget. About time Islington South & Finsbury had a change”
Karen Homer, Whitecross Street EC1

‘I’ll be very proud to vote for Bridget on May 6. I know she’ll do a great job standing up for the rights of all her constituents, and will be a strong voice for civil liberties and economic fairness.’
Kate Phillips, Greenaway House, Clerkenwell WC1

“I’ve been a habitual labour voter all my life and never voted anything but labour in the past. It is clear that something completely new is needed in our politics and I think that Bridget Fox and the Liberal democrats are the only ones placed to deliver that.”
Aaron Savage, Kings Cross N1

“Just a note to say the way you have run your extraordinarily energetic campaign has been exemplary. I really congratulate you and you certainly deserve to win.”
Martin Kinna, Barnsbury N1

“We need an MP with energy and vision for Islington South & Finsbury and not just time-servers, that’s why I’m backing Bridget Fox”
Sean O’Sullivan, Cloudesley Road N1

If you would like to add your message of support, get in touch.


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