“Tireless campaigner” Bridget Fox tipped to win

Top commentators Edelman have profiled Islington South & Finsbury and picked out LibDem Bridget Fox as a candidate to watch.

They say: “Lib Dem success in this part of London has partly been a reflection of their wider growth in support among urban middle-class, small ‘l’, liberal voters – as reflected by their victories in neighbouring seats like Hornsey & Wood Green; but it also owes a great deal to Bridget Fox’s tireless campaigning. In fact, she’s such a dedicated campaigner that she’s even won an award for it. …

“If she fails to unseat Labour at this election it clearly won’t be for lack of campaigning effort. A mixture of her hard word, local party activity and the national move away from the government make this one of the Lib Dems’ top target seats in the whole country. As ever, nothing in life is certain but Ms Fox has done everything she can to make this a Lib Dem gain on 6 May.”Read the full story here.


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Bridget launches General Election campaign with fight for fairness

Islington South & Finsbury Liberal Democrat challenger Bridget Fox launched her General Election campaign with a call for fairness.

Bridget, who came just 484 votes behind Labour at the last election, began the campaign with a busy programme of visits, including a tour of Finsbury Health Centre with Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary, Norman Lamb MP.

Bridget is fighting on the Liberal Democrat programme of four steps to a fairer Britain:

Fair taxes that put money back in your pocket
The first £10,000 you earn tax-free: a tax cut of £700 for most people
3.6 million low earners and pensioners freed from income tax completely
Paid for in full by closing loopholes that unfairly benefit the wealthy and polluters

A fair future creating jobs by making Britain greener
Break up the banks and get them lending again to protect real businesses
Honesty about the tough choices needed to cut the deficit
Green growth and jobs that last by investing in infrastructure

A fair chance for every child
Ensure children get the individual attention they need by cutting class sizes
Made possible by investing £2.5 billion in schools targeted to help struggling pupils
Give schools the freedom to make the right choices for their pupils

A fair deal by cleaning up politics
Put trust back into politics by giving you the right to sack corrupt MPs
Restore and protect hard-won British civil liberties with a Freedom Bill
Overhaul Westminster completely: fair votes, an elected House of Lords, all politicians to pay full British taxes

Bridget says: “People in Islington have been let down by Labour for years. We’ve had 65 years of Labour and Conservative Governments taking it in turns to make the same old mistakes over and over again.

“A Conservative vote in Islington will just help Labour cling on. The choice in this election is between more of the same with Labour and the Conservatives or real change with the Liberal Democrats.”

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Bridget rallies crowds at Stop Disconnection Demo

Islington South & Finsbury’s Liberal Democrat parliamentary campaigner Bridget Fox joined writer Cory Doctorow and rebel MPs as one of the speakers at the Stop Disconnection Demo organised by the Open Rights Group.

Bridget has led a successful campaign within the Liberal Democrats to oppose the worst provision of Labour’s Digital Economy Bill which includes controversial measures to enforce web-blocking and internet disconnection.

Hundreds of protestors demonstrated against the disconnection measures at Westminster this week, and heard Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group praise Bridget’s work.

Bridget told the crowd how the Liberal Democrat conference had voted against web-blocking, against disconnection, and in defence of free access to the internet.

Bridget said:

“I started out campaigning for Freedom of Information under a Conservative government; now I find myself campaigning for free access to information against a Labour government. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and I want to thank you all for your vigilance in defence of our freedoms today.

“When someone dies we go through a cycle of emotions, from grief, through anger, to acceptance. As Liberal Democrats, when we see our freedoms killed off by this Government, we are aggrieved and we are angry, but we will never accept it.”

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Bridget supports RNID’s campaign to raise awareness about hearing loss

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner Bridget Fox visited Finsbury-based RNID to hear about the work they are doing to raise awareness of the issues around hearing loss, and their campaign to make sure no-one with hearing loss loses out.

Bridget said:

“Hearing loss can affect anyone, no matter how old they are.

“The RNID do sterling work to campaign against the stigma associated with hearing loss and to encourage the Government to fund research into cures. They help people to adjust if they do suffer from hearing loss and provide advice for employers to break down the barriers people with hearing loss face.”

Read the full story here.

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Bridget joins peers and performers in calls for more debate on Digital Economy Bill

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary campaigner for Islington South & Finsbury, Bridget Fox, has written an open letter, published in the Guardian, calling for more debate on the controversial Digital Economy Bill.

The Bill, backed by Labour and Conservatives, has attracted criticism for its measures allowing web-blocking and internet disconnection.

Bridget led a campaign within the Liberal Democrats leading to a motion condemning parts of the Bill being passed at her party’s conference earlier this month.

The digital economy bill is highly controversial. We believe that it threatens to severely infringe fundamental human rights, by allowing the disconnection of internet accounts for alleged copyright infringement, and also by new “website blocking” laws that could result in new ways to suppress free speech and legitimate activity. There are also dangers to business, through restrictions on provision on open wifi networks, that could damage our economy.

But our worry today is that none of this will be properly debated by parliament. Last week, Harriet Harman MP failed to give the Commons any reassurances that this bill would be properly scrutinised by our elected MPs. Democracy and accountability will be sidestepped if this bill is rushed through and amended without debate.

For these reasons we are writing to ask that those most controversial parts of the bill – covering “technical measures” and court orders for website blocking – either be properly debated, or be taken out of the bill and subjected to genuine democratic scrutiny in a new parliament.

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Bridget tells Amnesty audience “Let Them Work”

Bridget Fox has attacked Government policy on refugees as dehumanising, and called for refugees and asylum-seekers to be allowed to earn a living while their cases are considered.

Bridget spoke alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP in support of the Let Them Work campaign at the Asylum in the UK event organised by the Islington and Hackney group of Amnesty International.

Bridget told the packed meeting in Highbury Baptist Church:

“It’s shameful that asylum seekers are kept in poverty, even criminalised, instead of being allowed to work; meanwhile the dehumanising bureaucracy takes years to process their cases while costing us all a fortune. If they were allowed to work, then asylum seekers, many of them highly-educated, could support themselves and their families, put their skills to service in society, and pay taxes.

“Jeremy Corbyn may agree with the Liberal Democrats on this: unfortunately his Government does not.”

Read the full story here.

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Bridget leads Liberal Democrat defence of internet freedom

Bridget Fox, Islington South & Finsbury’s Liberal Democrat prospective MP, set the agenda at the party’s Birmingham conference today, when her emergency motion on Freedom, Creativity and the Internet was overwhelmingly passed.

Bridget was speaking out against Government proposals in the Digital Economy Bill to block websites and cut off internet connections, for relatively minor offences such as breaches of copyright.

Her initiative followed widespread criticism that amendments tabled by Liberal Democrat and Conservative peers did not go far enough to protect the rights and freedoms of individual internet users. In just ten days, Bridget organised an open letter from leading Liberal Democrat candidates, and championed an online campaign, followed by the emergency motion to the party’s Spring conference.

Liberal Democrat parliamentarians have already responded to her campaign by making further commitments to safeguard internet freedom.

Speaking after the debate, Bridget said “I want to thank all the Islington residents who raised their concerns with me. I am proud that the Liberal Democrats have reaffirmed our commitment to freedom and fairness, online and on the ground. Your web freedom is safe in our hands. Now we must continue to fight the illiberal and ignorant legislation from this Labour government. I am confident that our initiative will see real change to these dreadful proposals.”

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