Bridget shortlisted for London Assembly

Popular campaigner Bridget Fox has been shortlisted by London Liberal Democrats as one of their candidates for the London Assembly list, ahead of the Assembly elections in 2012.

With her experience as an award-winning campaigner, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on ALG-TEC, and as a national media spokeswoman for the party, Bridget has the ideal background to represent Liberal Democrats across London, and hold the Mayor of London to account.

Bridget says, “I love London, the place and the people. London is a great international city; it must also be the place we are happy to call home. That means getting the right policies on London’s economy and environment, keeping our transport moving, and keeping Londoners safe.

“I’m excited about serving our party and our city as a Liberal Democrat London Assembly member.

“I‘ll work closely with local Liberal Democrat teams across the capital, whether helping you campaign on the ground, or using the platform of City Hall to raise your issues. And I’ll make sure we have clear, distinctive Liberal Democrat positions we can be proud of.”

Members of the Liberal Democrats in London will vote for the list team during November, and the results will be announced at the regional conference on 4 December.

Bridget’s Assembly candidate website is here, and you can also follow her on Facebook.


20 October, 2010 at 9:26 pm

Bridget welcomes victory in Angel crossing campaign

After a seven-year campaign by Bridget Fox and the Liberal Democrats, residents can now cross Upper Street at the Angel – one of the main roads into central London – in safety.

Bridget, who led the campaign for the new crossing, says “The new Angel crossing is now in place, crossing Upper Street on the north side of Liverpool Road. It’s much wider than the old crossing, and will have to compete with less traffic, so all in all a great result.

“Thanks again to everyone who supported the campaign: our hard work finally paid off!”

Local residents and businesses contacted local Lib Dem campaigners about the narrow width of the traffic island by Angel tube station, the lack of time pedestrians had to cross and the danger caused by traffic coming from different directions.

After calls from the Liberal Democrats to provide a safer crossing in Angel, a new crossing has finally been installed by Transport for London. The crossing is much wider and allows pedestrians to cross in one go rather than in two different stages when pedestrians were penned into the traffic island dangerously by the passing traffic.

Local Lib Dem councillor, Susan Buchanan, comments:
“I’m delighted that following the long Liberal Democrat campaign, TfL has finally listened to local people’s concerns and installed the new crossing.

“It’s a big improvement and will mean pedestrians can cross one of the busiest streets in Islington safely.”

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Bridget nominated as Internet Hero

Islington campaigner Bridget Fox has been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2010 ISPA Internet Hero award.

The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) has been organising the UK Internet Industry Awards since 1999 to herald the best of the Internet industry and to celebrate innovation and best practice.

The highly-prized Internet Hero award is bestowed upon an organisation or individual who has made a significant contribution to the Internet industry in the past year by the Internet Service Providers Association.

Bridget was nominated for organising a grass roots challenge to the Digital Economy Bill, with its draconian measures on web-blocking and disconnection. Her campaign led to a change in Liberal Democrat party policy, with her party’s MPs voting against the Bill at its third reading.

“The announcement of the Internet Hero and Internet Villain are always eagerly anticipated, and are the highlights of the ISPA award ceremony,” said Nicholas Lansman, ISPA Secretary General. “The Internet, now a major accelerator of the UK economy, has become increasingly a matter of public debate. It is therefore more important than ever to recognise those who have really made a positive impact on this sector.”

The winners will be announced at a glittering awards ceremony hosted at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square on Thursday 8th July.

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Bridget Fox thanks to supporters

Bridget Fox, the Liberal Democrat candidate, has thanked the many supporters who backed her in Thursday’s election. 14,838 people voted Liberal Democrat in Islington South & Finsbury, more than the winning Labour vote in 2005, in a hard-fought campaign that saw Labour hold the seat.

Speaking at the election count, Bridget said:

“Thank you to the tens of thousands of people who voted Liberal Democrat in Islington.

“Just as five years ago, we have the result that, despite my getting more votes as your Liberal Democrat candidate than ever before, we have come second to Labour, who were helped, perhaps inadvertently, by the Tory votes.

“Although we did not win in Islington, tonight has seen some extraordinary gains for the Liberal Democrats, winning seats from Edinburgh to Eastbourne, from Burnley to Belfast.

“Five years ago, I was the first of Emily Thornberry’s constituents publicly to congratulate her: let me do the same again now. Emily, you have said that being our MP is the best job in the world. Now I ask you, as one of your constituents, to do the best job you can. We do not know who has won nationally, but whoever wins, we know that our country faces tough times. I ask you to work with people of all parties and of none, in the interests of Islington.

“Thank you to my amazing campaign team who worked so hard. I will never regret being part of this campaign, I will never regret being a Liberal Democrat in this election; my only regret is that I did not deliver the result your efforts deserved.

“There is no shame in standing and losing: there is only shame in not caring enough to stand – and no-one could ever accuse Liberal Democrats of not caring.

“I still love Islington and my fellow Islington people, however they choose to vote. And I will continue to serve our community in whatever way I can.”

The full results are here.

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Thank you – now remember to vote!

Bridget Fox, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Islington South and Finsbury, has thanked local residents for the fantastic reception she has had while out campaigning in recent weeks.

Bridget, who finished just 484 votes behind the Labour candidate at the last election, has been out meeting residents daily with a large team of volunteers.

Bridget described the experience in a letter to local people:

‘I’ve really enjoyed calling around local homes in the last few weeks. It’s been really great to meet old friends and make so many new ones!

‘Working with local people and local organisations to get a better deal for our area is what makes it all worthwhile for me.’

Voters have been flocking to back Bridget.

Lyssa Barber of Canonbury said, “We now have Bridget Fox campaigning to represent us in the most heartfelt and public way. She has impressed all round and I will gladly be adding my vote to the many others on May 6.”

Aaron Savage of Kings Cross adds, “I’ve been a habitual Labour voter all my life and never voted anything but Labour in the past. It is clear that something completely new is needed in our politics and I think that Bridget Fox and the Liberal Democrats are the only ones placed to deliver that.”

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 6 May. Full information on how to take part is available from Islington Council.

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Whittington A&E safe – for now

Bridget Fox and Islington Liberal Democrats are saying a big thank you to local people after the future of the A&E and maternity units at Whittington Hospital looks to be safe – for now.

Thousands of local people marched with the Lib Dems against the cuts Labour were planning at our local hospital. Many more signed the petition that Bridget and the Lib Dems handed in to 10 Downing Street.

In an 11th hour move, that some local people have called a cynical bid for re-election, Labour have finally joined Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg in a pledge to secure the future of our hospital.

Bridget Fox said: “This is a great example of what our community can achieve when we work together. I’m absolutely delighted that myself and the local Lib Dems were able to play a part in saving these vital health services.”

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Lib Dem leadership chooses Islington South & Finsbury to launch General Election manifesto

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg MP joined Bridget Fox to launch the general election manifesto in Islington South & Finsbury

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP led other high profile MPs in launching the general election manifesto in the ultra-marginal seat of Islington South & Finsbury today, boosting local candidate Bridget Fox’s campaign.

Nick was joined by Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable at the manifesto launch held at Bloomberg in Finsbury Square, where the key buzzword was “fairness.”

The manifesto, which is the only fully costed of all the main political parties’, centres around 4 main themes: Fair taxes, that put money back in your pocket; a fair chance for every child, a fair future, creating jobs by making Britain greener and a fair deal, by cleaning up politics.

Vince Cable MP spoke about the “elephant in the room,” referring to himself as “The Elephant Man,” as the only Treasury specialist to be honest and upfront about the deficit and what we need to do to tackle it and get Britain back on its feet.

Party leader Clegg pledged to use the money saved by scrapping the ID card system to put 3000 more police back on our streets. University tuition fees would be scaled out for students whilst older people would benefit from the state pension increasing in line with inflation every year.

Immigration would be clamped down on with tightened border and exit controls and the climate would benefit from green jobs made necessary by the building of new, greener industry and public buildings.
Young people out of work for 90 days would be offered paid training or work and getting back to work would be financially incentivised for people currently claiming benefits.

Crucially, tax loopholes currently exploited by big businesses and the very wealthy would be closed, saving the country around £40 billion a year. This money would be used to cut the deficit and get Britain’s books balanced again so our economy and citizens can thrive.

Bridget Fox said: I am honoured that Nick and Vince chose Islington South & Finsbury to launch the manifesto. Their support means a great deal and it’s great to have the endorsement of the party leadership.
The launch was exciting, especially as it’s a manifesto I feel we can be proud of. We are the only party to have done the sums to show how we would pay for our aims, including taking the lowest paid earners out of paying any tax at all.

Nick also pledged that savings in the NHS would be made by cutting the salaries of the big chiefs, who earn more than the Prime Minister, so that no A&E and maternity departments would be closed-in line with our campaign to save the Whittington.

The pledges in this manifesto will resonate with people in Islington South and Finsbury, where people know their only choice is the same old, tired Labour party or fresh change and fairness under the Liberal Democrats.

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